EasyRecipe Plus can display Ziplist recipes without the need for any conversion. The Ziplist plugin doesn’t need to be active.

To do this, simply check the “Display Ziplist recipes” option on the EasyRecipe settings page.

EasyRecipe Settings Page

Click “Save Settings” and your Ziplist recipes will now be displayed by EasyRecipe instead of Ziplist. 

You have all the functionality of EasyRecipe so you can change the formatting and styles just like you can for a normal EasyRecipe posts.

If you want to keep the same basic styling as Ziplist, select the “Ziplist” style from the “Display Styles” tab on the EasyRecipe settings page. This style isn’t a pixel perfect copy of the Ziplist style but it’s very close.

Display Ziplist Recipes

Style settings for Ziplist

If you’ve customized your Ziplist style you’ll need to make similar changes for EasyRecipe. You should be able to do almost everything you need using Live Formatting but if there’s something that Live Formatting can’t handle, you can add custom CSS in the Geeky Stuff tab. If there’s something you can’t figure out, just ask and we’ll show you how.

EasyRecipe uses different default field “labels” from Ziplist. You can easily change those to match what you had in Ziplist in the “Labels” tab on the EasyRecipe settings page.

You can keep the Ziplist plugin active if you want or you can remove entirely. It won’t make any difference to the way EasyRecipe displays Ziplist posts. If you keep it active, you can still use the Ziplist recipe editor. However, whenever you edit a Ziplist post (whether Ziplist is active or not) and click the EasyRecipe “Add recipe” icon, EasyRecipe will ask if you want to convert the recipe so you can use the EasyRecipe recipe editor.