Because each line in the ingredients or instructions sections is assumed to be a new ingredient (or instruction) , you need to use the [br] shortcode to add a line break that does not begin a new ingredient (instruction)

EasyRecipe Plus

Make sure the cursor is positioned at the place you want to add a line break and click on the line break icon on the toolbar at the top right of the recipe popup.

EasyRecipe will add the formatting shortcode and show it like:

An ingredient[br]continued on a new line

EasyRecipe Free

To insert a line break you can manually enter the [br] shortcode. You don’t need to use the Text/HTML editor – you can add that right in the recipe popup. At the place where you want the line break to occur , add the [br] shortcode like:

An instruction[br]continued on a new line

 Note that you should not also start a new line – the [br] is embedded in a single line and will be translated into an actual line break when the recipe is displayed.