EasyRecipe ratings work by either adding a rating widget to the standard Wordpress comments submit form, or allowing you to self-rate recipes. You can set which system you want to use on the EasyRecipe settings page.

The ratings option on the EasyRecipe settings page

When you choose "EasyRecipe" ratings, EasyRecipe adds a rating widget to the comments entry form when you use standard Wordpress comments. As soon as someone leaves a comment with a rating, the rating will appear on the recipe. Note that this only works with standard WordPress comments. If you use other commenting systems like Disqus or Jetpack, you have to either disable those or use the "Self rated" option. Also note that until you receive some actual ratings, the rating stars won't appear in your recipe.

When you use EasyRecipe ratings, a rating widget is added to the standard WordPress comment form.

If you choose "Self Rated", a rating field is added to the recipe entry popup and you can add a rating when you add/edit a recipe.  Viewers cannot rate the recipe if you use this option.

If you choose the "Self rated" option, a rating field is added to the recipe entry popup.