If you try to unzip the file you downloaded, easyrecipeplus.zip on a Mac, you may get an error something like "Unable to unarchive easyrecipeplus.zip (Error 1 - Operation not permitted)"

This isn't an error in the EasyRecipe zip file but it appears to be something to do with account permissions on your Mac.

Fortunately, you do not need to unzip the file to install EasyRecipe Plus.

Install directly using the downloaded easyrecipeplus.zip file:

  • Log in to the admin on your blog
  • From the WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins
  • Select Add New
  • Click on Upload
  • Browse to the easyrecipeplus.zip file you just downloaded and click Install Now
  • WordPress should handle the rest
  • Activate EasyRecipe Plus
  • If you have the free version of EasyRecipe installed, you can deactivate and then delete it once you're satisfied the plus version is working OK