WordPress 5.0, released on Dec 6th 2018, includes a major change to the default WordPress editor which massively impacts how EasyRecipe works.  Along with many other improvements to the plugin, we have been working on making EasyRecipe compatible with the new Gutenberg editor.  We are still not quite ready for release.

Until we release the update, you will need to continue to use the Classic Editor (i.e. the editor you always used previously) to add new recipes and edit existing recipes.  To do that, make sure you install the classic editor (https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/) once you have updated to WordPress 5.0.

Even if you don't install the classic editor, your existing recipes will work exactly as they always have. Your readers will see no difference and Google will continue to be able to extract the recipe data.

We hope to have our Gutenberg compatible update available before the end of this year.